Use-to-Earn Reward Pool

Incentivizing real usage that shows proof of the value ACE is providing to its users is critical to a growing Product Suite, and rewards for usage are part of ACE’s (not so) secret recipe.

Early adopters are pioneers and will be rewarded accordingly. Just like an angel investor takes a bigger percent of the pie relative to their investment as opposed to later-round investors.

Use-to-Earn rewards break down into three categories:

  • Usage

  • Referral

  • Payments

Usage Rewards

Simple (business-as-usual) usage will reward basic user activity, such as signing up, completing onboarding, or having booked meetings.

Each product in the suite will have its own incentive mechanism that will reward usage that is relevant to that product.

As activity grows, these rewards will shift towards performance-based rewards.

Usage rewards are automatic and will be roughly 60% of the use-to-earn pool.

Referral Rewards

To accelerate user growth, signup completion and invites will be incentivized with rewards.

If organic growth is rapid enough on its own, these rewards may shift to other areas.

Referral rewards are automatic and will be roughly 35% of the use-to-earn pool.

Payment Rewards

Financial contributions in the terms of one-time, monthly, or yearly payments for your subscription(s) will earn you payment rewards.

Payment rewards are automatic and will be roughly 5% of the use-to-earn pool.

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