Governance v1

In these early stages, initiatives and proposals are discussed in Discord and votes will take place in the ACE App. The votes will be viewed as a consultative forum, an important input in the Core Team’s decision-making, and as an exercise that will bring us closer to the ultimate decentralized governance that will best serve our community’s needs.

Each user is allowed to vote on all proposals. In the future, the DAO will migrate to an on-chain voting mechanism, although the specific mechanism is yet to be determined by the community.

Likely topics include:

  • Product roadmap ideas, direction, and prioritization

  • Deciding on and fine-tuning the Governance mechanism

  • Use-to-Earn reward allocation amount and distribution

  • Ecosystem Fund Treasury and Grants

  • Liquidity Reward allocation amount and initiatives

The form and function of this governance are intentionally open-ended and will evolve with community participation, growth, and learning.

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