Governance Vision

Governance is a crucial mechanism that should not be taken lightly.

“[...] blockchain governance is extremely important. I think it’s the second (rather than first) most important factor that will determine whether blockchains end up being a public good, or a menace to the public. Second only after the shared purpose of the blockchain community (a purpose that legitimate governance presumably is supposed to bear out).” - Vlad Zamfir.

We believe that we’re still in the early phases of crypto governance and that the jury is not out on what the best governance mechanism is. Nor will there be one best mechanism that is best for all, rather you need to find what works best for your community.

We salute, keep an eye out, and want to learn from ideas and novel governance models such as Vitalik’s Notes on Blockchain Governance, Optimism’s two chambers model, Across’ “fair fair” launch, quadratic voting systems, vote delegation, Believability-Weighted decision making, and more.

​​It is our commitment to progressively decentralize by giving more decision-making over to the community with the goal to hand it all over to the community when there is a sufficiently mature organization to receive it.

This is a subjective evaluation and a public commitment. For this to happen there has to be a huge level of trust and engagement. We expect there to be an evolving conversation with the ACE community about when it’s ready to take the reins.

Our governance mechanism will evolve slowly, carefully, and deliberately (especially when it comes to Type 1 decisions) until it gets to its final form of decentralized governance via the ACE DAO.

We will do this together.

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