General FAQ

What is ACE?

ACE is a Web3 Sales, Marketing, and Operations online platform that helps its users to:

  • Attract more Leads

  • Convert more Customers

  • Expand the Business

Find out more by reading about the ACE Product Suite, our Why ACE, and by visiting

How can I get access to ACE?

You can get started for free by signing up at

Which blockchain is ACE built on?

By looking at the technical requirements, and with the feedback from the community, the ACE Core team and Advisors will decide on which Blockchain(s) you’ll be able to claim your $ACE Coins.





Is the ACE token ($ACE) listed on any crypto exchanges?

$ACE is currently not listed on any crypto exchanges. The crypto exchange(s) used will be decided by the ACE Community via the ACE DAO.

Our goal is to issue the $ACE Crypto coins as soon as we're ready from a tech legal community side but not sooner than that. However, ACE users already get to earn the $ACE Coin via the Use-to-Earn Reward Pool.

We will be announcing any listings once they are public.

Where can I buy ACE tokens ($ACE)?

$ACE is currently not available for sale on any centralized or decentralized platform. We will announce those as they become available for sale.

Do you have any Help Documentation?

Yes, you should be able to find answers to your (ACE-related) questions here:

I need more help, how can I get in touch?

Great support is important to us.

We are always here to help and do the best for our community. You can email us at or head to our Discord server to seek more community support.

Our moderators and admins will help and guide you.

How will you build the community?

The involvement of the community is key to the success of ACE.

We’ll kickstart our community by introducing ACE to the SocialBee community, by mingling with other communities, and via various social media and marketing activities.

As a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, we’ll foster inclusion, collaboration, and sharing of ideas, with the goal of mutual growth and support.

So make sure you follow us on Twitter and head to our Discord to be a part of our community.

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