Team, Advisors, and Investors

A portion of the tokens is distributed to the team and investors to fund initial development.

The total amount of tokens dedicated here is as follows: 23% for the Core team, 2% for the Advisors, and 10% for the Investors.

Team tokens will vest over 4 years with an initial 15-month lockup.

Advisor and Investor tokens will vest over 2 years with an initial 12-month lockup.

The first year is crucial for ACE’s economy to establish a foothold as user growth and Use-to-Earn rewards come online.

To shelter ACE during this crucial time period, Investor, Advisor and Team tokens have 12, 12, and 15-month lockups, respectively. The team’s full token load is protracted over 4 years to ensure their incentives are aligned with the long-term health of ACE.

Ownership will gradually shift to the community over time as they accumulate Use-to-Earn rewards; beyond 4 years, the community should be the dominant governance decision-maker. In future years, if development needs to grow, additional team hires will be compensated from the Ecosystem Fund with the ACE DAO approval.

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