ACE Wallet

Your ACE Profile also has the ACE Wallet that you can use to view your $ACE Coin Holdings.

$ACE is the native token for the ACE Product Suite and will be able to be taken off-app onto the blockchain.

Use-to-earn rewards are distributed to users as $ACE. As you take various actions within the ACE Ecosystem, by simply using the ACE Product Suite, or by contributing to ACE in a meaningful way, you’ll be earning $ACE Coins.

The ACE Wallet is not a native crypto-wallet, but a way for you to know the current balance of your $ACE Coins that you’ll be able to transfer into a crypto-wallet at a later date.

$ACE Coins

$ACE Coins can be either Claimed—and moved to your crypto wallet (once this functionality will be live) or Unclaimed—and sit in the ACE App but are not yet claimed into your crypto wallet.

All $ACE Coins either Claimed and Unclaimed give you governance voting rights and can be used within the ACE Ecosystem.

Once you decide to claim your $ACE Coins into the crypto wallet of your choice, they are moved to the blockchain. Claimed $ACE Coins are the crypto tokens that are stored on the blockchain and are tradable by you.

The price of the $ACE Coins depends on the market dynamics.

Economic decisions such as issuance and allocation will be made by the ACE DAO through the Governance mechanism. See ACE Governance for details.

Note: The claiming of $ACE Coins and moving them to your crypto wallet are not live yet. The implementation details and timeline related to the launch of $ACE Coins on a blockchain will be taken within the ACE DAO. Our goal is to issue the $ACE Crypto coins as soon as we're ready from the tech and legal side but not sooner than that. More information will be added to this page once those features are live.

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