ACE Litepaper


Each small business needs good tools and knowledge if it wants to grow its value and impact.
ACE, the use-to-earn product suite for marketing, sales, and operations, aims to create a better toolkit and a better ownership model by rewarding users with a stake in the app itself.
Traditional B2B solutions tend to become stagnant and extractionary - by constantly “going upstream” and increasing their prices to the detriment of Solopreneurs, Startups, and SMBs that get priced out of using them—even though they might have helped them get to that stage.
The new tools and paradigms of Web3 offer an opportunity to create a better system.
“Web3 gives us the chance to upgrade networks into crypto asset centered economies, and build systems where the incentives of network owners, network participants, and third-party developers are fully aligned.” - Chris Dixon
ACE promises a better experience and better outcomes by building for the community, with the community, with the ultimate goal to Exit to the Community.